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The Awakening

The Awakening was a passion project that I worked on for several years. I released it in October 2014. I was overwhelmed by the number of players it had and the positive response it got. It got over 2 million plays across all sites it was published on.
I made an entire wiki for the game, mostly to keep track of everything myself.

You used to be able to play the game on Newgrounds.com, Armorgames.com or Kongregate.com. You can watch a playthrough of The Awakening here.

The intro title screen.

Many fans have emailed me screenshots of their character designs. You can customize your character in The Awakening.

A battle scene in The Awakening.

This is the map I made of the game world. It’s difficult to capture the scale of the game here, but I made a personal wikipedia for The Awakening that you can see here: rocklou.com/awakening

One of the cities in the game.

An overview of one of the cave levels in the game.

The Flash Player is no longer supported and this game is not playable on modern browsers. There is a project to preserve Flash games at bluemaxima.org/flashpoint, The Awakening is in their collection. There is also a Flash Player emulator you can download at ruffle.rs.

You can download The Awakening here.

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