The Awakening

The Flash Player is no longer supported and this game is not playable on modern browsers. There is a project to preserve Flash games at bluemaxima.org/flashpoint, The Awakening is in their collection. There is also a Flash Player emulator you can download at ruffle.rs.

You can download The Awakening here.

The Awakening was a passion project I worked on for several years. I released it in October 2014. I was overwhelmed by the number of players it had and the positive response it got. It got over 2 million views across all websites it was featured on.
It's a really big game with tons of characters, monsters and locations to visit. I made an entire wiki for the game.

You can also play it on Newgrounds.com, Armorgames.com or Kongregate.com.

You can watch a playthrough of the game here.

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