3D art and animations

I make fan art and animations in Blender and Source Filmmaker. I haven't created these models, these are all exported from the game Life is Strange.

I have thousands of followers on social media who like my Life is Strange projects on sites like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. My animations have over 12 million views.

lofi_chloe_lis1_edit.png chloe_superstar2_edit.png 
cyberpunk_edit.png fireworks.png 
skater_edit.png butterfly_wallpaper_blur1_edit.png 
nighthug_edit.png halloween_edit.png 

My animations

These are some of my animations. Visit my Youtube channel to see all of my videos.

Animated wallpapers

I took some of my animations and added them to Wallpaper Engine. They can be downloaded here via Wallpaper Engine on Steam.

Lofi Max Caulfield

I animated a video using the "Lofi Girl" trope with Max as the girl studying to music, it became my most popular video on Youtube with over 2 million views. It was shared by the game studio Dontnod Entertainment (that created Life is Strange) and the official Lofi Girl account on their social media.

A few months later the official Life is Strange channel made their own video with the same concept using Alex Chen from Life is Strange: True Colors. I like to think I gave them the idea ;)

My first "Lofi Girl" post on the Life is Strange subreddit is one of the most upvoted posts of all time on that subreddit. The success of my Lofi Max Caulfield fan art inspired me create several versions of it.

lofi_edit.png lofi_halloween_edit.png 
lofi_christmas_edit.png lofi_night_edit.png