These are some of the (Flash-based) browser games I've made. The Flash Player is no longer supported and these games are not playable on modern browsers. There is a project to preserve Flash games at bluemaxima.org/flashpoint, my game The Awakening is in their collection.
There is a Flash Player emulator you can download at ruffle.rs.

The Awakening

An RPG game in the vein of Final Fantasy, this is my biggest and most ambitious game.

Kill mosquitos, wasps and bees and gain awesome power-ups!

Throw snowballs at opponents and gain fun power-ups!
Space Fighter

Shoot enemy space ships! Upgrade your ship while playing through the epic story.
Spot The Dot

Test your photographic memory skills in this simple but challenging game.
Space Shooter

Shoot alien bugs! Simple as that.
Fish Cam

Take photos of fish, but be careful not to scare them away!
The Baltic Quiz

A quiz about the Baltic Sea.

Here's a short presentation on a game I worked on, but never finished.