These are photos (mostly) from my travels in Sweden and Norway and some photos from a brief time when I liked taking macro photos.
You can download any photo you want, if you first view it in full size. (click it to view its full size)

Lighthouse_Stairs.png Illuminati.png 
Trolltunga.png Ringedalsvatnet.png 
Geiranger4.png Geiranger3.png 
Geiranger2.png Geiranger1.png 
Window2.png Window.png 
Sunlit_Rain.png Raindrops.png 
Rocks.png Lapporten.png 
Storvreta_Sunset.png Brahehus.png 
Ruins.png Portal.png 
Mountaintown.png Odda_lake.png 
Odda.png Mountains.png 
Leaf.png Bird.png 
Grass.png Frost3.png 
Frost2.png Frost.png 
Flowers.png Log.png 
Lapporten_landscape.png Landscape.png