These are some of the desktop wallpapers that I've done. Most of these are inspired by movies, TV shows or games. Most are montages of screenshots and stock photos. The rest are photo-manipulations based on my own photography.
You can download any wallpaper you want, if you first view it in full size. (click it to view its full size)

Split.png It.png 
Interstellar.png White_Walkers.png 
Before_The_Storm.png Jon_Snow.png 
Rainbow_Raindrops.png Odda_lake_color.png 
Mountains_death.png LIS_cutout_chloe_clean.png 
LIS_cutout_chloe.png Life_Is_Strange.png 
Mass_Effect.png Marvel.png 
RogueOne.png Deathstar.png 
NoMansSky4_png.png NoMansSky5.png 
NoMansSky_logo.png GOT_Graffiti_logo.png 
ForceAwakens_fix_logo.jpg Bioshock_logo.jpg 
Godzilla_wallpaper.jpg The_Creed.jpg 
Time2.jpg TimeX.jpg 
WD.jpg WalkingDead.jpg