Album Cover Generator

This Album Cover Generator is shut down until further notice. I recommend using placeit.net instead.
February 6, 2023

Why was it shut down?

The app mentioned that no one was allowed to use the album covers for commercial purposes. Some people did that anyway.
I didn't own the rights to most of the images I used in the Album Cover Generator and that caused some issues.
I highly recommend placeit.net if you want to make an album cover that you can use anywhere and however you want.

Why did you make the app?

I used to create and post fake album covers on reddit.com/r/fakealbumcovers just for fun. I came up with the idea of making an app that created album covers automatically, as a coding challenge. I made this app out of my love for typography, art and coding.
But it grew too popular and too many people misused it. It was inevitable I suppose.

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