The Hangover

In the sidequest "The Hangover" you go through... well, a hangover.

In the Golden Apple inn in Bavelock you can talk to Podler. He appears late in the game, after you read about the Tear of Neriah and are about to leave Bavelock.

If you talk to him he will challenge you to a drinking game. Last man standing wins.

You wake up in the Bavelock park with no pants on, confused and with a hangover. You walk back to the inn and talk to Mr Candyboot who tells how you and Podler were acting drunk and improper. He has your pants in the back of the tavern.

Candyboot said Podler was kicked out of the tavern and apparently said he was heading to his friend Bart.

You go the Fisher House and see him captured by two Bandits. Podler had peed on them in his drunk stupor and you fight off the bandits.

Podler thanks you and pays you 20 Pix for the help, but only after putting his pants back on.