The Tear of Neriah

The Tear of Neriah is an artifact that much of the story of the game revolves around. It is the tear of the god Neriah that fell to earth, crystallized and shattered into 4 pieces. These pieces are what the player searches for in the game.

There is a book in the game that you read at one point in the main story of the game, named 'The fall of the Sundarmis'. It tells about the Tear of Neriah.

"Generations ago, the goddess Neriah looked upon the human race and its evil and selfishness and shed a tear that fell upon earth. It rested on the earth's surface for many a year and crystallized. It was found by the Sundarmis tribe of the mountains who knew how to harness the godlike power that was inside the crystal.

The Sundarmis became masterful magic wielders who gathered their power from the crystal that they placed upon the White Tower. They prospered and their kingdom grew strong. It grew too strong, and the tribe elder Aduviat was said to have challenged the gods.

The people were so empowered by the Tear of Neriah and its magic that they began to see themselves as among the gods. When Aduviat challenged the gods, the heavenly beings released their full wrath on the Sundarmis kingdom and crushed it to marble.

And the Tear of Neriah was shattered into four pieces and sent to the four courners of Andora. Many have searched for these shards, they are recognized as the most valuable and sought after artifacts in the world.

If all four are gathered and held by a Sundarmis-born it is said to cause an event where all the godlike force within is fused with the owner."