The Golden Demon

The Golden Demon is the main antagonist of the game. He is a powerful sorcerer in dark rags wearing a grinning golden mask.

His stats in battle are as follows:

Level: 30
Health: 2500
Damage: 20
Defense: 10
Speed: 21
Pix: 25

As an enemy he is very dangerous. He attacks swiftly and either drains all your Stamina or heavily damages you. He can cast Blind and Confusion.

After fighting you for a while he steals your two shards of the Tear of Neriah, summons a Carrion Hound and then flees the battle.

He is a popular talking topic in Andora. People thought he was just a legend, but recent sightings of the Demon has inspired much fear and debate that the end of the world might be near.