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My name is Douglas Gavelin. I'm 30 years old and currently reside in Uppsala, Sweden.
I work as a full time frontend- and system developer at Personlig Almanacka Nordic AB and have been for 8 years. I built and maintained the website personligalmanacka.se and its international domains. I've also made three browser games for the company.

I have a great passion for games and graphic design and spend almost all of my spare time working on creative projects like games, movies, apps, wallpapers, 3D animations and programming.

  • My browser game The Awakening got over 2 million views and got a rating of 9/10.
  • I create 3D art and animations and have thousands of followers, my animations have over 5 million views.
  • I have an Album Cover generator that creates over 200,000 album covers per month, around 4,000 of those get downloaded.
  • I have a Band Name generator that creates around 60,000 names per month.
  • My website gets over 100,000 visitors and over 2,5 million page hits per year.

Game- and movie wallpapers

I taught myself Photoshop as a teenager and have used it extensively ever since. I have used it for photo manipulations and for creating fan art of games and movies I like.

Deathstar.png Marvel.png 

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I've created a couple of browser games using Adobe Flash.

My RPG game The Awakening was a passion project I worked on for almost 4 years.
It became a big success with over 2 million views across all sites. I released the game in 2014 and I still get emails from fans who want to show their appreciation for the game.

It has a rating of 4.5/5 or 9/10 on the sites I published it on.

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3D animations and renders

I make fan art and animations in Source Filmmaker. I haven't created these models, they are all imported from the game Life is Strange.

I have thousands of followers that like my Life is Strange projects under the alias "nicefield". My animations have over 5 million views.

lofi_edit.png nighthug_edit.png 

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Through my work and my hobbies I've taught myself HTML, PHP, Javascript, JQuery, CSS, SQL, MYSQL and Actionscript. Using these skills I've created websites, games and various name generators in my spare time.

rocklou.com gets over 100,000 visitors and over 2,5 million page hits per year. I've also built websites for Monika Klum, composer and pianist Carl Michael Bergerheim and the daycare business Småkottarna.

My most popular name generators are the "Band Name Generator" and the "Album Cover Generator". These apps are what draws most traffic to my website, over 200,000 album covers are created every month. Around 4,000 of those get downloaded.

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Photos / Videos

I hike a lot in the Swedish and Norwegian mountains together with my siblings, and I like photography so I take photos along the way. I also used to have an interest in macro photography.
I bought a Mavic Mini drone in 2020 to film our hike up Kebnekaise mountain. I grew to love my new drone and have filmed some nature scenery with it.

You can see all this on my website or on deviantart.com/rocklou.

Trolltunga.png Storvreta_Sunset.png 

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