The Lord of the Rings

In the sidequest "The Lord of the Rings" you help Donver bring back a loaned book.

If you talk to him in the Bavelock library he tells you that a book called The Lord of the Rings has been due for return for a long time and asks if you can bring it back.

First talk to Landau in the Bavelock prison, he will tell you that he loaned it to Mell.

Talk to Mell on the second floor of the Windowmaker shop. He loaned it to Elleanor.

Talk to Elleanor in southern Bavelock who still has the book. You simply take the book, and return to Donver.
(Note however that you can go to Elleanor right as you have started this sidequest, to retrieve the book.)

Talk to Donver again who will give you 2 Luck auras for your help.