Magic spells are a specific set of attacks that require Mana to cast. You gain spells as the story go on, most by Caleb. Or so was the idea. In the game's unfinished state as it is, you get all spells at the end of the game at the foot of the Mogwai Mountains.

The player's spells are the following:

Heals you under a short period of time.

Temporarily boosts your damage.

Diamond Storm
Inflicts ice damage. May Slow enemy.

Lightning Bolt
Inflicts thunder damage. May Paralyze enemy.

Inflicts fire damage. May Weaken enemy.

Inflicts dark damage. Damages the enemy equal to the amount of Health points you have lost.

Caleb's spells are as follows:

Gives Caleb temporary Armor Piercing damage.

Puts the enemy into a state where it may attack itself.

Crystal Shards
Inflicts ice damage. Will Slow enemy.

Inflicts thunder damage. May Paralyze enemy.

Rain of Fire
Inflicts fire damage. Must be cast twice rapidly to inflict damage. May Weaken enemy.

Will Paralyze enemy.

While shapeshifted as a demon, Caleb can cast Heal, Paralyze and:

Dimension Rift
Inflicts massive dark damage. May cause Sudden Death on the enemy.

Some enemies can also cast spells:

  • Bandits can cast Heal.
  • Ghouls attack you with dark magic that heals them.
  • Dion can cast Shadow Strike and attack you from behind.
  • The Golden Demon can cast Confusion and Blind and can summon Carrion Hounds.

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