Potions are green concoctions used to replenish 90 health points. They are sold for 20 Pix at stores and bought for 10 Pix.
'Potions' can also refer to all drinkable items in the game.

These following locations are where you can find a Potion in the game:
  • In Everthorn Forest in the beginning of the game.
  • In Argas' gym in Bavelock.
  • In Bavelock on the second floor next to Grace's Itemshop.
  • Inside the Fisher house.
  • In Argamir's blacksmith in Savina.
  • In the Overworld screen next to the Mogwai Mountains.
  • You get a Potion as a reward for the "Ace up my sleeve" sidequest. You get 2 Potions as a reward from the "Robbing a robber" sidequest.

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