There are 3 poems in the game written by Douglas' brother Victor. His poems can be found in various bookshelves throughout the game where he is known as "Victor Gavelinus".

One is in the Bavelock Library in the first bookshelf (to the right) on the second floor.
One is in the bookshelf next to Arl in Bavelock.
One is in the bookshelf next to Bethana in Savina.

Finding all of them will unlock the 'Soul of a Poet' medal and will give you the 'Masquerade mask'.

Shattered Dreams:
I don't know what I want, I don't have a clue
I don't have any dreams because they aren't true
You can never expect what tomorrow will bring
It can come with great darkness or blossom like spring
But if you live in a dream you'll find you'll just grope
Because dreams are only false prophets of hope

God's pain:
Oh what will god say
When he sees this world's dismay
Let's hope he casts away
The wicked ones who slay
The ones who do evil all day
Are the ones who will finally pay
When judgement is at bay
or atleast that's what we pray
Let's hope he shows the way
To a world that is okay

Alone in the world:
Life is the cycle that’ll forever go on
And it allows us to suffer till the last breath is drawn
But is a life worth living if you feel nothing but pain
If the tears of your eyes host an endless rain
The smile on your face is erased by sorrows
And will remain undone for countless tomorrows
Ripping and tearing inside in your mind
Driving you mad and make you go blind
Soon you feel the chilling embrace
Of the loneliness seeking the faceless face
Now you're left in the world to remain all alone
Only to live and survive on your own
And in the absence of love and in the silence of fear
The meaning of life becomes absolute clear
It’s the only adventure where death is the key
Because only through darkness will you ever be free