Imrahis is an elf who lives in Bavelock. He lives right next to the house available for sale and will become your neighbor if you buy the house.

He is always reading a riddle book and if you talk to him he will tell you 1 of 8 riddles. The riddles given by Imrahis and their answers are as follows:

"At night it shows how bright it glows. At day it hides above the skies. Two answers at stake, which one will you take?"
-Star or moon.

"It grows and grows the more you take. But nothing it shows. It's nothing you make."

"Green and tall. Big and small. Armless it's not. They gather a lot."

"Bigger than earth. At night not found. Unseen at birth. High above ground."

"Holes in a row. In mud or snow. The more you are, twice more they grow."

"The maker makes it but doesn't use it. The buyer buys it but doesn't need it. The one who needs it never knows it."

"One it is, fits on ten. In silver or gold. Worn by many, but icy cold."

"Gives us life, takes our stress. Yet makes us weak, and makes us helpless."