In the Fishing side activity there are 8 types of fish you can catch to earn money.

Brown Kelpfin
Points: 40
Speed: Slow
Type: Rare, camouflaged
The Brown Kelpfin is the slowest fish you will encounter, but also one of the hardest to see. They only stay at the bottom of the riverbed where they blend in with the kelp growing there.

Chameleon Shocker
Points: 10
Speed: Fast
Type: Common, camouflaged
The Chameleon Shocker is the one fish you should not catch. If you accidentally catch one it will electrecute the water in a huge burst of light and scare away all the fish currently on the screen. Be careful though because they can turn almost invisible.

Juggernaught Eel
Points: -
Speed: Very fast
Type: Limit break
The Juggernaught Eel is a creature you only see when you earn the Juggernaught Eel Killstreak, it will swiftly swim across the screen catching fish and helping you earn points. It is not catchable.

Points: 10
Speed: Fast
Type: Very common
The Lemonkisser is the most common fish you encounter, and one of the fastest. It never swims near the riverbed, it prefers staying in the sunlight.

Rainbow Mudflapper
Points: 50
Speed: Slow
Type: Very rare, camouflaged
The Rainbow Mudflapper is a ray-like animal on the riverbed, unable to swim, it moves instead by flapping its belly. It can be completely camouflaged against the brown mud, but also change its skin into many different colors, hence its name.

Sapphire Firehead
Points: 20
Speed: Average
Type: Rare
The Sapphire Firehead is a somewhat rare fish, that swims near the bottom of the riverbed. They are easy to recognize due to their bioluminescent bodies that shows a display of light and blue color, hence its name.

Silver Dogfish
Points: 10
Speed: Average
Type: Common
The Silver Dogfish is one of the more common fish you encounter. It rarely swims near the riverbed.

Spotted Longsnout
Points: 25
Speed: Fast
Type: Common
The Spotted Longsnout is the fastest fish you encounter. But it's worth catching for the large amount of points rewarded. The Longsnout is also known as Spearfish.

Points: 15
Speed: Average
Type: Common
The Toadfish is a common fish you enounter, often swimming near the bottom of the river.