Farimir is an alocoholic constantly sitting in the Golden Apple inn. He slurs when he talks and doesn't seem to say aything useful, at first glance.

In the sidequest "Beer and more beer", you give Farimir a beer you bought from Mr Candyboot. It is the only sidequest in the game that is actually obligatory and will further the main story of the game. It is also the only time you buy a beer from the inn.

After reading the 'Fall of the Sundarmis' you and Caleb sit down at the inn, talking about the Golden Demon and how to catch it. The city Bavelock is in lockdown and no one can exit the city.

You talk to Farimir who asks for another beer. You can buy a beer from Mr Candyboot and if you give Farimir the beer, he will tell you in a slurry, drunken manner about a secret passageway that leads outside the city. After he tells you this, he collapses in a drunken stupor.