Blackwhisper Cave

Blackwhisper Cave is a cave in the most southern part of Andora. You initially cannot wander into the deepest caverns of Blackwhisper. You must be about halfway through the main story to be able to reach the last rooms.

The name comes from the wind inside the cave makes a sound that sound like a distant whisper in the dark.

The cave is very dark and houses very dangerous monsters. Some creatures can only be found in this cave. Gornaks, Thanators and the Phantom Stalker are found nowhere else in Andora. Spitters are also encountered here.

The sidequest "Kidnapping" takes part in Blackwhisper Cave.

There is an item in the second cavern known simply as 'Strange orb'. Bring it to Lupel in Savina who will recognize it as the Orb of Glenmorach in connection to the "Item hunter" sidequest. You are given 30 Pix for bringing it to Lupel.